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Why this new multifaceted Spiritbuddy?

  • get your child (3-7) really enthusiastic about Jesus Christ and the Bible,
  • excite your children about doing daily prayers,
  • strengthen your family ties,
  • teach your children real values that are based on the Bible,
  • enrich your children’s development on a spiritual as well as a cognitive level,
  • broaden their biblical knowledge through fun, fun, fun?

What is Spirit Buddy?

Spirit Buddy is a lovable, professionally designed, interactive, multifaceted character toy that introduces and develops the message of the gospel and a personal relationship with God.

The Spirit Buddy Family Bible pack consists out of Bible games with a twist, a character toy and accompanying booklet. You’ve never seen a product like this! The character toy and the book works together to enhance the child’s experience of the Biblical message, values and gospel in an imaginative and entertaining manner. Through the medium of individual or shared play the child becomes used to daily spiritual activities like prayer in a spontaneous and non threatening manner.

Exhilarating, vibrant and interactive games teaches the child about building a relationship with God, sin, salvation and spiritual growth.

Every aspect of Spirit Buddy was designed to reach the child at his/her own level. By incorporating vibrant primary colours, challenging activities as well as different tactile mediums it addresses visual, fine motor as well as sensory development in a lively and fascinating way.